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If you like working with people behind the scenes to achieve a common goal, then human resource (HR) jobs might be right for you. People in human resource jobs help a company or organization manage its people. While HR jobs have in the past been seen as the "dirty work" of business, modern companies embrace the members of human resource departments as valuable, significant players on a larger team.

As in many other fields, the human resource industry has seen rapid changes accompanied by increased outsourcing and technological advances. Not only must HR personnel stay abreast of these changes (especially with technology) for their own jobs, they are often responsible for establishing training paradigms for all employees. For example, HR might issue regular computer training modules to help employees understand company policies and computer software, so that every department keeps up with the new material.

HR jobs have many responsibilities, depending on the company and position. Responsibilities include training, compensation, hiring, firing, communications, administering benefits, and handling policy adherence.

As an HR manager or employee, you need to see the big picture as you serve both individuals and entire departments within the same company. You might also be responsible for finding solutions that most effectively address the needs of the majority, without violating the rights of the minority.

In past decades, HR jobs often did not require higher education. But as human resource jobs have taken on a more significant role in many companies, HR positions often require that candidates have a four-year degree at least. A bachelor's degree in human resources, personnel, or some other related subject will be helpful if you want to move up in the industry. Experts predict that college graduates who have earned certification should have the best job opportunities.

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